FERROTEK™ Manual Tracking System with flange for 5.5kW PV, Powder coated, movable in 2-D with following spects:

  1. Base Cage dia 1"x3.5' 
  2. MS-base plate 15*15*1/2" with 4-supporting arrays
  3. Base Pipe dia 5.5", 3~4mm,
  4. Side plates 24x12x4~6mm with dia 2" pipe 4mm
  5. 2 nos of side arms with ms angle 2x2x6mm
  6. PV mounting angles 2x2x6mm
  7. Automation with PV 150W, PLC FATEK Taiwan, 1kva KS Inverter, 2 nos of Gear Drive Motor 180W SPG H77 Korea, 100AH Gel Battery, PLC Card with weather protected box 16SWG.
  8. Powder coated & strong enough to withstand against high weather conditions & 120km/h wind.
  9. ISO 18001:2007 certified.


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