F-MT-F2.5kw(Solar Manual Tracker with Flenge/Upto 2.5kW PV)

Solar Manual Tracking System 



Main Features:


·         FERROTEK™ Manual Trackers especially designed for Solar Water Pumps


·         Movable in 2-Direction to get maximum yield from the Solar Pump in day time.


·         Increases yield by 15~20% per day with 2-D Movement.


·         Powdered coated Structure for long life.


·         Best for Panels upto 2.5kW Capacity.


·         ISO 18001:2007 certified product.


·         Strong Enough to withstand against tough weather condition & a wind speed upto 120 km/h.


·         For simulation of the product, visit:


Technical Specifications:


·         Base Cage with J-Bolts (4-nos) 3.5' height with 3-nos of 1/2" square shaped 12"x12" steel bars


·         Flange dia 245~250mm with *~10mm groove for 0~360 degree rotation having 75 nos of 8~10mm balls.


·         MS-base plate 14-3/4"~15" x 14-3/4"~15"x10~12 mm with 4-supporting arrays


·         Base Pipe dia 5.5", 5~6mm,


·         Side plates 24x12x5~6mm with dia 4" pipe 3~4mm


·         2 nos of side arms with ms angle (1-1/7x1-1/7~2x2)"x4~6mm


·         PV mounting angles 2x2x4~6mm



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