SOLECO Unicall, Italy

Natural circulation kit with one or two solar collectors and storage tank of 160 - 220 - 300 litres, for roof or garden installations

  • Copper, flat type solar collector
  • Total surface absorber with highly selective Titanium treatment (absorption 95%, emissions 5%)
  • Extra clear, highly transparent tempered glass, 4 mm thick
  • Lateral and rear insulation with HD rock and glass wool, 40 mm thick
  • External frame in aluminium profiles
  • Collector tested according to EN 12975
  • Storage tank of tank in tank type
  • Anticorrosion treatment with enamelling at 860°C
  • Insulation by PU foam 40 mm thick
  • Two magnesium anodes and possibility of an electric heater installation
  • Bulb holder for temperature sensor fitted on the inspection flange
  • Frame for flat or inclined surface ((garden or roof), fittings and anti-freezing liquid are supplied as standard for a complete installation


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